Peridot Sea Turtle Prayer Bracelet

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Peridot Sea Turtle Prayer Bracelet

Radiate Hope and Joy for Turtles with our Peridot Sea Turtle Prayer Bracelet. Create Hope, create change. 

The perfect accessory, radiating Hope and awareness.

This prayer bracelet is made entirely out of Peridot beads, with a Sterling Silver Sea Turtle charm. Peridot is a powerful cleansing stone. Opening our hearts to joy and new relationships. It motivates growth and change, opening the mind to new levels of awareness. 

Profits from this Prayer Bracelet will go to support Sea Turtle conservation.

Sizing: Regular: 7 inches  (average Women's wrist size) 

           Medium: 7.5 inches

           Large: 8 inches

           Men's Regular: 8 inches  (average Men's wrist size) 

           Men's Medium: 8.5 inches

           Men's Large: 9 inches