Our Story


          Frequently asked questions:


            Q: What exactly is Love Hope?

               A: We are a company who cares about the continued survival of animals, including their and our home, the Earth. We wanted to create a company that everyone could enjoy, while also contributing to enviromental causes. So we created Love Hope. :) Portions of every sale are donated to environmental causes, such as habitat conservation.


           Q: How much of the sale is actually being donated?

              A: 10%-30% of the profits of every sale is donated. Most companies donate at 1% of profit, we are donating 10% - 30% of profit of every sale. Since every item is different, the amount donated varies per item. For example a shirt purchased will donate at 15% while a prayer braclet will donate at 30%. Since the prayer bracelets donate at 30%, a bracelet that cost $31 will generate $4.50 in donation. This will make a big impact.


           Q: What organizations are you donating to?

              A: Some organizations we love are Oceanic Preservation SocietySea Shepherds, National Wildlife FederationThe Ocean Conservancy, just to name a few. Know of a great organization? Let us know, we are always looking for a great organization to donate to! Please send an email to info@lovehope.world with Great Organizations in the subject line.


           Q: I would like to use Love Hope’s logo. How do I do this?

              A: Please send an email to info@lovehope.world explaining how you want to use it. The logo is protected by copyright and may not be used without express written permission. Make sure to put Logo use in the subject line.


          Q: How can I get my kids more involved in wildlife?

              A: A great idea is to get them a subscrition to a great kids wildlife magazine. One of our favorites is Ranger Rick or Ranger Rick Jr. both go to support the National Wildlife Federation. www.nwf.org/Kids/Ranger-Rick-Jr.aspx


           Q: I’m interested in employment at your company? Who do I contact?

             A: Please send all employment requests to info@lovehope.world  Make sure to attach a complete resume, with Employment in the subject line.