Aquamarine Prayer Bracelet

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Aquamarine Prayer Bracelet

Radiate Hope and Courage with our Aquamarine Prayer Bracelet. Create Hope, create tolerance. 

The perfect accessory, radiating Hope and compassion.

This prayer bracelet is made entirely out of Aquamarine beads. Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It has a calming energy, helping to create tolerance of others and overcoming judgmentalism.

Pairs great with our Lapis Prayer Bracelet.

Profits from this Prayer Bracelet will go to support marine and land habitat conservation.

Sizing: Regular: 7 inches  (average Women's wrist size) 

           Medium: 7.5 inches

           Large: 8 inches

           Men's Regular: 8 inches  (average Men's wrist size) 

           Men's Medium: 8.5 inches

           Men's Large: 9 inches